How To View Your Comments History on YouTube (App and Website)

We all have these questions regarding YouTube comments, How do we see all the comments we have posted on YouTube videos? How do I view my YouTube comment history? It was easier to navigate to YouTube comments history and check all the comments you have posted so that you can edit or even delete the embarrassing ones if you wanted to.

But YouTube has made it much harder over the years to check your YouTube comment history unless it gets engagement (likes and comments) and pops up in your YouTube notification every now and then. But I have found a way around to view your comment history on YouTube from your mobile and even your computer.

View YouTube Comment History From Mobile (Android, Apple)

  • Open Google Chrome on your mobile phone. You will already have Chrome on your android device if you haven’t used it once. If you have an iPhone, just download Chrome from App Store.
  • Type in ‘’ and Enter. This will automatically load up the mobile version of YouTube i.e.
  • Tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the chrome browser.
  • Select Desktop Site.
  • Now tap on History icon on the left tab.
  • Then tap on Comments
  • That’s all. Now you can go through the comments that you wanted to check. They are all neatly organized chronologically so it is easier.
  • You can edit or comment, delete them if you have some embarrassing ones that you have commented years ago.
  • To do that, just tap on the comment that you want to edit, you will be re-directed to that video with your comment on top. Or if you just want to delete it, then tap on X icon right above the video. Then your comment will be deleted.

Check YouTube Comment History From Computer

These are the ways to look at comment history on the YouTube app and YouTube website from your computer. If you still have any questions and queries, then please leave them on the comment box below. 

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